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At Eatozee, we are transforming the way people think about food.

When you first think about Eatozee, you probably think of getting great food to your house in less than half an hour. Awesome right? But behind the scenes is the real story. This story is one of high growth, huge challenges and an enormous opportunity ahead of us - a story we would love you to help us shape.

We want to be the definitive food company - the app you go to any time you have a hunger pang. We are providing people with limitless access to different cuisines and merchants, turning cooking from a chore to a choice, and giving people the freedom to eat what they want, when they want, where they want it.

Why work with us?

Solve challenging problems

We're not just an app. We're solving complex problems for customers, riders and merchants.

Great idea? Make it happen.

Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s projects. At Eatozee everyone is an entrepreneur.

Own a slice of the pie.

We want you to feel like an owner – so we’ll make you one. Everyone at Eatozee gets equity.

Diversity helps us win.

We want our team to be as diverse as our riders, merchants and the consumers that we serve.

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